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Too busy to brush your teeth?

Have you ever heard some mention that they are too busy to brush their teeth? Have you ever thought this to yourself at one time or another? Why are you brushing our teeth at all in the first place? For some, this is an unconscious habit developed from childhood to spend 5 minutes (or less) performing this routine once or twice daily. For others, it is a conscious part of preventive maintenance to avoid future more costly, painful, or otherwise undesirable outcomes for dental health (i.e. gingivitis, gum recession, loss of teeth, etc.). Some may simply view it as a social “must-do” to have clean-smelling breath when interacting with others.

Whatever the reason, those who brush their teeth daily do so consciously or unconsciously and typically do not offer this activity as an excuse for why they could not complete some other task (i.e. “I could not complete my homework because I had to brush my teeth last night”). Are there any other disciplines which, like brushing your teeth, may be keeping you from accomplishing anything else of great meaning in your life? Continue reading