Clark Korb

Entrepreneur, Educator and Holistic Health Practitioner

My primary motivation is to empower others to live their fullest, happiest, healthiest, and most meaningful lives possible. I accomplish this vision through various avenues, each of which tends to include some aspect of education and facilitating others’ growth through the release of limiting patterns of belief or confining habits of thought and action.


Professional Profile

USANA Health Sciences October 2005 – Present
San Diego, CA Independent Associate, Gold Director
Description: I mentor entrepreneurs who are interested in building their own international marketing businesses through conversational marketing of scientifically advanced nutritional and personal care products. This business may be learned and developed by working in a part-time fashion from home. Through consistent effort and training in this industry, one may readily build a solid business which yields enough residual income sufficient to replace an average full-time salary earned through more traditional means.

Rejuvenation Bodywork January 2006 – Present
San Diego, CA Sole Proprietor, Consultant
Description: As a therapeutic bodyworker and holistic health practitioner, I maintain a private practice located in uptown San Diego, CA. I primarily incorporate the modalities of BioSync® and CranioSacral Therapy to free up restricting patterns of dysfunction within the body. Application of these therapies will serve to offer relief from pain due to injuries or other trauma (both chronic and acute) as well as restricted range of motion, ultimately yielding an overall increase in optimal performance within the body.

International Professional School of Bodywork September 2007 – Present
San Diego, CA Primary faculty, Trustee
Description: I teach a course in entrepreneurism to bodyworkers, titled “Creating a Professional Practice,” as faculty at this college of holistic health where I received training for my second career and for which I currently serve on the board of directors.

Qualcomm, Inc. June 1997 – July 2004
San Diego, CA Staff Engineer
Description: I served as a digital hardware designer of circuit card assemblies, FPGAs, embedded firmware, and custom ASICs for wireless communications. Responsibilities included design and development from initial concept, high-level design, low-level implementation (thorugh schematic capture and coding), testing, interfacing with CAD/manufacturing, and system integration with software engineers.





How (and why) I changed careers

I chose to study electrical engineering in college, partially because of my interest in and aptitude for math, physics, and computers, and partially because I was educated in a system which rigidly guided me along this path to obtain financial security via a “good-paying job.” I accepted an offer as a hardware designer with a company in the wireless communications industry right out of college, thinking it would advance my professional development and offer a solid financial opportunity being a supposedly growth-oriented company in a growth-oriented industry.

From day one, I pursued the elusive holy grail of being assigned the most high-tech and creatively fulfilling project assignments available. After 7 years of laborious and faithful service, obtaining a Master’s degree in engineering, and fighting through political and structural inertia within the company to gain the type of technical experience I desired, I found myself entirely disillusioned and frustrated. I remember telling one of my favorite managers that what kept me at the company was “interesting work and good pay.” What I later realized was what really kept me at the company were fear (of losing perceived financial stability) and ego (wanting to prove that I was a smart and competent designer).

I was in a classical downward spiral: spending more and more time at work, spending less and less time nurturing my personal life, and being given an ever increasing workload with ever decreasing control over my professional destiny. I always had the feeling that I was underutilized in my job, and that I had far more to offer personally and professionally than I would ever be able to express or contribute in my role. I also felt far underpaid for the hours I worked, which I’m sure seemed ironic to those who considered this profession to provide a good salary. Further, my career was not worth the toll it took on my health and my personal life.

I left my former occupation voluntarily and opened myself to learning how I could be a professional who is compensated by doing work which would be on my own terms and far more personally fulfilling. I decided to explore bodywork at a local college and fell in love with the field, being fascinated by a completely different and entirely organic learning process. At this school, I met wonderful friends and mentors, two of whom also gave me a proper initiation to the industry of network marketing. This model of business appealed to me as it has all the classical advantages of “big business” (leverage of others’ time and efforts, tax advantages, unlimited income potential, residual income, etc.) yet also embodied the principles and values which were coherent with my new focus on health, prosperity, and serving others.

Little did I know at the time that teaching business to others would end up being such a powerful catalyst in changing my life and those of many whom I have come to know! I truly appreciate the friendships, the guidance, and the growth which I have experienced as an entrepreneur. I am consciously grateful on a daily basis for making the decision not only to be happy in my work but to learn and practice the skills necessary to create independent wealth and not just “get by.” I thank my mentors, my clients, and my fellow colleagues for allowing me the privilege and pleasure to enjoy life on my own terms and help improve the quality of others’ lives in the process.