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Omega-3 fatty acids preserve life better than statin drugs

I am continually amazed by the degree to which statin drugs continue to be pushed by physicians as the best solution for preventing death by heart disease. It is understandable that the pharmaceutical companies who supply the drugs would naturally promote their products as the best solution for heart health, but one would hope that a personal physician would not pass this commercial bias onto his/her patients. The study below cited from the Archives of Internal Medicine indicates that supplementing with an optimal amount of omega-3 fatty acids has greater impact on reducing mortality risk due to heart disease than statin drugs, all for less cost and no harmful side effects. Continue reading

Junk food makes up nearly one-third of calories in American diet

According to a large national survey, nutrient-poor food, or “junk food,” contributes nearly 30% of all the energy (calories) consumed in the US population. Efforts to reduce obesity should focus on both individual and policy actions to reduce the importance of nutrient-poor foods in the US diet. Continue reading